By grace am opportune to mentor some teens. I can ascertain teens age is the most delicate age because once they get it wrong and it has been incurred into their life the deed has been done except God show or have mercy on such a child and the parents (guidance and mentor).

There’s one weapon which defile or makes a lot of purposeful teens to loose visions of their selves and be living in delusion which is INFORMATION.

What makes “information” is combination of different “words”  either right or wrong.

Information is defined by word Web dictionary as a collection of facts from which conclusion maybe drawn

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The kind of word teens hear will determine what become of them because they believe they have the right collection of facts from which they can drawn their conclusions from, whereas it’s just an illusion.

They do things like that because of their age. The difference between them and kid (children) is that they listen to realities of life and be able to make a career or decision about their own self.

Word (Information) Is Creative : Because words are creative which means it can recreate their (teens) lifestyle for good or bad pending on the kind of word they are hearing.

Words (Information) Is A Spirit : It has a provocative impart on the kind of life they live. Because every word they listened to they always meditate on it and carryout the action of such a word into their life because there’s a force or spirit that enforce every words we listen to into action.

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The Expectations Of Parents Towards Their Teens

1. All teens need unconditional love because they live in a conditional world.  Let me cite a good example  for you, his/her fellow teens might need help but with a condition maybe sex, it can even be anything which may damage and jeopardize the career of such a child.

So it’s left for parents to love them unconditionally in order not to be a victim of a conditional love.

2. They need to be taught the Love of God’s word, it is vital to successfully transferring faith from one generation to the other.
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3. Parents need to help them develop a relationship with God that is not based on rules nor parental fear but on the love and fear of God.

One ill effects of parental fear is that the child tend to do those things you asked him/her not to do in your absence but if it’s God he will not want to but before this stage the love of God must have been built and saturate the heart of such a child in order to fear God.

4. You show them how to have deep love for God through your own lifestyle.

Has God place any young people in your life? Whatever their age, love them unconditionally.

5. Parents, give your children guidance and instructions from the word of God, then with wisdom and compassion teach them how to love God.

Don’t merely spend time with your children invest it.

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