Am going to continue were I stopped the part one , to let you know how to maximizes your worth and how to live a worthfull and purposeful lifestyle.

I got to realize in life,  people determine your cost price by the amount of information you give out


Salt is a cooking agent that adds taste to food. If this same salt looses it savour it become of no value to humanity rather it will be trodden upon.

The same thing is applicable to human if you have not discover your purpose or potential for living you are just like a salt that has loose it savour.

While potential discovery or fulfilling purpose is a salt in a good condition, adding values of taste to your cooking (life).

In the same vein a creating glory is given individuals the avenue, resources to better their lot.

The glory you create will publish you one day as an icon just as it’s to salt.

The glory of salt is that without it in your meal preparation, your meal will remain tasteless.

What glory are mine creating?. That is a question that needs to be answered to whom is reading this

piece in order to meet the

demands of living for glory.


This is the most delicate and sequential part of the three personalities of individuals.

It was so much done on me when God told me ‘’if His spirit teaches me I will become a teacher to many’’.

Taken the glory is accepting the responsibility of whom you are and living in the part of fulfilling whom He has created you to be.

There is a glory in you lying dormant that needs to be ignited for fulfilment.

Remember if you die unfulfilled you can’t blame any man because all you need is to take charge of the glory in you and live for it, and creating it to birth forth purposeful achievement is in your hands .

What you need to help a person is to ignite him/her with the information to better their lot towards success.

Let us know how you feel about us so we can improve ourselves. Thanks