​You will never be useful to your generation if you are practicing plagiarism (copycat) whom refuse to work out his/her  worth (ideal self) of a person and be impactfull to their generation. 

Until you live a life, worth emulating and be a blessing for others then you can be recorn with.  If you are no more, it will tell on the generations to come to do greater of what you have done and achieved in the past. 

The joy of making impart is not the name you makes from it; it is the value you have added to lives and the ones to be born. 

Nobody is exceptional in making impart nor being useful; thought many are self-centred, self-fish etc to their own person and family only. 

The best you can ever use to make an impart to your world is to make out your own self oriented vision.

If you want to be a substance of certified leader, ensure you live for someone and let your person rub on whomever comes your way. 

The likes of Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday,  etc all the names mentioned above all make a reputable  impact that speaks for itself and the world can attest to it on how they have all lived for their generation and the generation to come. 

The question you reading this article should ask yourself is that what kind of information is the life am leaving sending, making and creating for my generation and generation to come. 

I wrote this article 2 years ago and I saw the needs for it to be a blessing for someone that is why am placing it for you to read. Shalom. 


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