Do I Know My Worth? 

Millions will continue to die unfulfilled because their dreams, visions, goals etc is been interpreted by another man who’s not the giver. They have forgotten that no man can ever interpret nor give a comprehensive meaning of the dreams, visions, goals etc God has given to you better than you; because you were the one it was given not the person whom intend to interpret illusions Into your life. So they can’t understand it nor give it a comprehensive meaning to it than you the giver. 

Seeing the reality of life, everything tend to worth one price or the other but you cannot be bought with any market price because you are the potency of God and His buying price is unlimited. So, this gives you an edge that you are so much resource with unlimited potency to be ridicule by what you think it a challenge whereas they’re stepping stones to your breakthrough. 

Every being who found life frustrating is due to the fact that they lack the information of their person (ideal self, instinct) to their lime light. 

We can connote worth as VALUE. But I want to tell you that worth is more than value.

WORTH simply means you knowing your real self (ideal self, instinct) and laughing into your betterment of living, to be the real giant of your molded nature to your generation by doing what you are and not what people want you to be. 

Whatever you are best at or what is your worth has to be exploring potential impact or influence others to greatness; not that it will not be making any changes to lives within you, let them fill your impart while you’re still living and even if you are no more what will they say about you?. 

It’s a pity that many lost the vision of where they are going due to what they have seen or distraction in their journey to the mountain top of their destiny fulfilment. 

Lesson : Let every distraction, hurdles etc be a solid motivation and inspiration of your senses of value in God’s hands. 

I wrote this article 3 years ago, while going through it, I saw the need for it to better the life of someone out there.  kindly share, comment to help someone   know his/her WORTH. 


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