Taking Over To Recover 

Potentials remained unfulfilled, untapped because the desperation for taking over to utilizes what we are made for, to become has not been realize in such a personality. 
Taking over is having the mantle for authority to maximises your worth. While worth is fulfilling purposeful mandate for your life. 

For you to take over your potent, possessions and recover it all ; you must first have the knowledge of given it all unto God for him to take over your life in order to program your destiny towards a lofty height of greatness. 

To Recover is to understand your person, instincts(ideal self). This is discovering what you are created for in order to be productive, realistic and accelerate in a motion that can not be halt with external forces. 

For you not to be halt by external forces your life must be motioned for desperation towards potentials fulfillment. You are desperate in the sense that you gave it all that is needed for your life betterment. 


Principle one. 

  • Always seek for a source with the information betterment to your purpose. 

Principle two 

  • Always sort for improvement in your career objectives. 

Principle three 

  • Always thirst to leave for others: This is making your lifestyle an example for others to take after. Simply be a positive role model for your generation. So there’s need for you to be productive and be positively minded in all you do. 

Principle four 

  • You must be desperate to Excel: Desperation has to do with you or thought of commitment to your life betterment and purpose (potential) fulfillment. 

Principle five 

  • You must not forget your source who is God Almighty: His the one that can make you to actualize anything you aspired to become. 

Regardless the test of life which are the hurdles one will jump to the journey of fulfillment, your sense of focus must not change nor disappear. 

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