Secret Of Distinction In Higher Institutions 



greatly inspired and motivated.

I will start this topic by saying

“The fact that academic

excellence does not mean you

will be successful” They are two

different words. The fact that

one comes out with distinction

does not guarantee success.

I was chatting with a science

student years back,who had not

concluded on a future career yet

at SS1.

Many of us are just concerned

about the present. We want to

get into school as soon as

possible. WHY? For many is just

for the simple reason that their

friends are in school. Now, the

question you’ve not asked is Do I

have the same life or goal with


I get pissed off at times when I

see Jambites say “let them just

give me any course jare”.

Sometimes when I hear people

say, “He studied law but he is

now an actor and is making it

big,” I get angry because he had

just wasted four years of his life

on a course not useful to him.

If he had patiently searched his

mind,he would have seen in

himself the gift of acting that he

has and would have just studied

theater art which would be a

plus to him.

Why do you have to go into a

course that you don’t have

passion for.






Never allow anybody to choose a

career for you,look within

yourself. What do you enjoy

doing? What catches your

attention that you never get

tired of? Take this,it is not how

FAST but how WELL.

The fact that your friend gets

into the institution before you

does not mean he/she will make

it before you.

* Are you good at writing – why

don’t you study Mass

communication or English

Language and be an editor in a

news paper company or an

author etc.

* Do you enjoy talking,chatting

and interviewing people – why

don’t you study Mass

communication and be a

Journalist, Radio Presenter, TV

presenter etc.

* Do you enjoy working on the

computer system or love

computer operation – why don’t

you study computer engineering

or science.

* Do you like debating,talking or

love fighting for peoples right? –

why don’t you study law and be

a lawyer.

* You enjoy

dancing,acting,singing – why

don’t you study theatre arts and

be a professional in the field.

This is where some young boys

and ladies are getting it wrong;

they go into music without

knowing the rudiments of music.

They start dressing roughly and

moving allover the streets just

because they where able to wax

just one disc that did not go

beyond their local area.

Grow up,go to school,study

theatre art,your degree would

give you respect,you will get to

meet greater artiste and by the

time you will getting into the

music industry it will be with


* Do you enjoy doing electrical

works,love dealing with engines –

why don’t you go and study

engineering[there are various

fields in engineering, pick the one

that suits your passion]

* Do you have passion for

medicine or you love treating

people – why don’t you be a

doctor or study Science

Laboratory Technology.

* Do you love cooking or wants

to know about cooking tips and

origin of various recipe? – Why

don’t you study Food Science

and Technology[FST]and work

with NAFDAC.

* Do you enjoy calculating and

accounting for goods sold or like

doing business or have

administrative skills? – Why

don’t you study Accounting or

Business administration and

work in companies or banks even

other firms. 

* Do you enjoy teaching? Why dont you just go for educational course and be a potential teacher

* Do you love drawing or

sketching? – You can study Fine

arts or an architecture.

When you are able to study

what is in you,I can bet you, you

will never regret it. Keep your

focus,seek information,erase

pride and you will see things

falling in place. Never compare

yourself with anybody,you are

unique and with great


Education becomes easy for you

when you enjoy your course of


This problem starts from SS1

Let us know how you feel about us so we can improve ourselves. Thanks