What Makes A Great Man Unique 

Please as you  read this article I want  you to  claim this to yourself in prayer. Great people are scarce comodities, they  are  gifted people who are lacking in many homes but they are  few in every million of a Nation(Nigeria). Greatness in them is a virtue of them  knowing their worth of a person ( it is u knowing your  real self (ideal self) & laughing into your betterment of living, to be the real giant of your  molded nature to your  generation by doing what  you are  & not who people want you to be.  

Every great being are sound minded & they are actively visionary  & innovative in their doings . They never  lag behind in acquiring  of knowledge, they  daily yearn for experience, undastandin even in sickness & hunger. They  lead in peace & ease of mind. 

The funniest thing about  them  is that  they are  always traced to be from  a humble background & the bitter experience  makes  them to be a formidable ingredients that  makes them  prepared for the rough road of future success. They  rarely give  up in there  task to  be better than their  parents.

This  is to  tell you  that  your  family background doesn’t determine  your greatness in life . My dad & mum, relatives is not rich is not an excuse  but  it is an avenue for you to  be  more better  than them in doings . Your  greatness  would not  be determined by your wealth but  by how many lives you have imparted & empowered with this  great key of your transformation agenda. 

You  don’t  need to meet people eye ball to  eye ball before you can add values to their lives but you can start it where you are, with  what you have, even as a teacher in a school, as a president in an organisation,nation & church, as a sunday school teacher in your church, as a writter of book(author)  etc 

let them have the  smile of whom they  are & be able to utilize their resource person  to greatness God wants  them  to be.  

See yourself  as a Joseph whom does not  forget his foresight of vission, ambition, mission, dreams, goals etc of success & remember he always flee away from sin, so one killer of every potential & unique greatness in life  is SIN ( SATAN INPARTED NATURE). See you on the  mountain Top & remain bless.

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