EditThere are certain rudiments to success which lay the foundation for us to be splendid in our lives endeavour. Without which you may labour and never make impart because they’re lacking in your daily affairs or planning. 

 1. Do something you love 

When  you enjoyed what you do with passion, the passion is going to be your driving force against all odds. 

2. Continuously focus on personal growth 

We live in a computerized world, we must develop our skills, knowledge and understanding in order to materializes our full potential. 

3. Learn to control your thinking (be free of fear and regret) 

Always see every wrong choices you have made in life as an experience to learn new things and add values to you life. Thinking and regrets are meant to demoralised you and take the best of you, so learn to control your thoughts processes. 

4. Spend time with people who will lift you up 

Let most of you time be spent with people whom will add values to your lives not whom will discourages you from achieving your goals. Learn to avoid mediocre. 

5. Set written goals 

Let your goals be realistic and achievable not for camouflaging and time wastage. 

6. Keep your life in balance 

As you work out your journey towards success, ensure there’s a 100% ( 100 percent) balance between building your career, family and spiritual growth. 

7. Decipline 

Without a genuine decipline against pleasures that is not adding values to your success ; you must beware of what stands next for you in preparation for your downfall. 


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