There are certain factors which determines every individuals career which can’t be overlooked but most be emphasize upon .

Literally , Career is the job a person does to earn a living . Career can also be said to be what you do after your school days or graduation . The following are the tools needed for a successful career .

1. Departmental course of study : What  you have studied while in higher institutions has a way of determining your career and it can occur in two forms

(a)  Academic

(b) Industry

For instance if you study law in higher institution ; you can either be a lecture under the faculty of law which is the “academic ”  , while the industry are those whom practices law at the court of law .

2.Natural Talent : If you are doing something(what is good, legal not illegal) often and successful then that particular thing can be said to be a talent.  Their’s a gift in you God has resourced you with to make a living .

 Your natural talent is what you enjoy doing without difficulties nor compulsion . Naturally you may not know how to go about it because you never knew it’s a career to work upon and develop . 

The fact is what works for someone’s in number 1 (departmental course) may not work for you because there’s need for you to bring fought the giant in you and develop . Yours might be singing , dancing , passion for teaching , just develop yourself and people will pay you for the information you have . 

Example is a good friend of mine who knows how to dance very well and we’re to celebrate our teenagers in church and I was asked do I know anyone whom could teach the teens choreography and I said I do . In a nutshell I called on him to teach them and he was paid.

So likewise let your talents brings something to your table .

3. Acquired Skills and Training: The skills you learned or acquired is a career if only you can maximize it to it full potential . Example of acquired skills are Motivational speakers, fashion designers , typists, bead making etc.

4. interest and Passion: What you enjoyed doing is a career that only needs your personal commitment and interpretation of your passion . If you’re passionate about anything just create a room for self development . 

I love teaching so I tend to develop my self to be more professional , Frank Edward , Osinachi , Don Moen etc all like gospels music and with just little development in their passion for gospels music they are self employed , so you can make something great out of your interest and Passion for a career .

5. God’s purpose and personal vision: There are people whom cannot escape the purpose of God for their lives while some it’s personal vision for greatness . So in all develop yourself to any category you may fit in .

6. Opportunities that comes around: You don’t wait for opportunity , you create an opportunity . So you must be ready to crate an opportunity for your departmental course of study , natural talent , acquired skills and interest etc when an opportunity seems not coming by thinking outside the box in order to create a prolific career for yourself .

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